Iran unveils new laser-guided missiles for helicopter fleet

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced on Monday, the arming of the guards ‘Cobra’ helicopters with laser-guided missiles and “Mi-171” helicopters with “S-24” missiles.

According to the Iranian Fars News Agency, during the inspection of the Fatah Airbase by the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guard, Major General Hussein Salami, a number of the accomplishments achieved in this field were unveiled.

“Among those accomplishments, is a new missile system with the laser guidance of Cobra helicopters, which is launched and directed by digital displays inside the cabin,” the agency said.

“Another accomplished that was unveiled during the ceremony was the arming of the Revolutionary Guards’ Mi-171 helicopters with S-24 missiles, as these shells were used only on fighters.”

Iran has unveiled a number of new weapons over the last two months, as the ongoing U.N. arms embargo is set to expire this October.

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