Iran Ups Exports of Steel Products by 14%

The value of exports of Iran’s steel products witnessed a 14% increase during the first six months of the current Iranian year (March 20 – September 21, 2012).

The Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) said in a statement on Friday that the country has exported $571mln of steel and aluminum products as well as iron ore in the first half of the Iranian year.

The statement said that Iran has exported $307mln of steel products in the said period, adding that the figures shows a 14 percent growth in value and 15 percent in weight compared with the same period in the last year.

Unlike export increase of steel products, export of crude steel has decreased 79 percent with the aim of prevention of selling crude materials.

The statement said that aluminum sector, by exporting 78 thousand tons of products, has achieved $188mln.

In the sector of iron ore, around 633 thousand tons worth 77.3 million dollars was exported in the said period.

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