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Iran urges practical anti-terror measures

In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in the southeastern city of Zahedan, Iran criticized the support of the so-called “advocates of human rights” for the spread of terror.

“Despite international condemnation of terrorist acts, we are not witnessing a fundamental move by the claimants of human rights to fight against this ominous phenomenon,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told IRNA on Saturday.

“Countries that claim to be the advocates of human rights and to fight terrorism should channel their efforts towards eradicating terrorist cells and their destructive activities,” he added.

Mehmanparast said the bombings in Zahedan signals the spread of terrorism in the Middle East and stressed that counter-terrorism campaigns require the cooperation of all countries.

The foreign ministry spokesman added that destabilizing the regional states, in particular, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan are issues on the agenda of certain currents and countries.

He condemned the massacre of innocents and stressed the importance of maintaining vigilance and unity by Iranian and other regional nations to counter the crimes committed by terrorist groups and their supporters.

On July 15, two bomb explosions in quick succession took place outside the Zahedan Grand Mosque. At least 27 people lost their lives and more than 100 others were injured in the terrorist attack, which has widely been blamed on extremist Wahabis and Salafis trained by US intelligence in Pakistan.

Iranian police have arrested 40 people in connection with the twin bomb attacks.

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