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Iran urges revival of Silk Road trade

Iran has called for concentrated efforts to facilitate trade among countries connected by the ancient Silk Road, which links East Asia to Europe.

Speaking at an international conference on the Silk Road, Iran’s deputy finance minister Behrouz Alishiri said Tehran would welcome foreign investment to revive the once key trade route.

“The political and economic stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran… makes it an ideal country for foreign investment,” Alishiri said on Tuesday.

He stressed that boosting trade among countries linked by the Silk Road would need “constructive measures in the economic, financial and banking sectors.”

He also said “preferential tariff terms” would considerably facilitate trade in the region.

The Silk Road, which links China to the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the oldest and most historically important trade routes in the world.

The Iranian official stressed regional countries should make the most of the vast tourism potential of the Silk Road which can also raise foreign investment.

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