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Iran vows to respond to the Natanz nuclear reactor attack

The head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) said on Sunday that the response to the “terrorist” incident at the Natanz nuclear facility is an imperative and will come at the appropriate time.

During the parliament meeting, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said  that “young Iranian scientists have once again achieved honor for their country, and were able to enrich uranium by 60 percent, which is a historic event in the field of science and technology, which also has important political implications.”

He said, “The enemies of the Iranian people are involved in terrorist activities against the Iranian nuclear industry, and they seek, through terrorist acts, to disrupt or reduce nuclear activities.”

Ghalibaf explained that the enrichment of uranium by 60 percent was achieved within the framework of Article 1 of the Strategic Labor Law, and in a very short period of time, which showed the minimum interval between decision-making and work in the country’s nuclear industry, thanks to the efforts of young Iranian scientists.

Ghalibaf indicated that this important achievement has proven that the Iranian nuclear industry has become domestic, and that any ill-considered action and any pressure exerted to destabilize the national will to achieve scientific progress will fail.

He stressed the need to raise the level of protection of nuclear facilities by the responsible authorities, stressing that “the response to the terrorist attack on Natanz has become a sure matter and will be implemented in a timely manner.”

He noted that the “enemy” has devised a strategy to undermine the talks (in Vienna) by prolonging them without achieving any results, in order to disrupt the entire political and economic structure of the country, explaining that the enemy wants to impose its demands on Iran through deception and pressure, and to prevent the Iranian people from accessing an economy penalty-free.

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