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Iran will give strong response to slightest act of aggression: Defense minister

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami says the Islamic Republic will give a strong response to the slightest act of aggression.

“We will deal severely with the slightest act of aggression and if such behavior is repeated, our response will certainly be stronger,” Hatami said in an address to National Conference on Jihad and Resistance in Tehran on Sunday.

He added that Iran is currently capable of meeting all its defense requirements, saying the fight against terrorists and the downing of an intruding US drone were proof of the Islamic Republic’s defense might.

In June, Iran shot down an intruding American spy drone in the southern coastal province of Hormozgan.

PressTV-Iran’s IRGC shoots down intruding US spy drone

Iran’s IRGC shoots down intruding US spy droneIran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps shoots down an intruding American spy drone in the country’s southern coastal province of Hormozgan.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said in a statement that the US-made Global Hawk surveillance drone was brought down by its Air Force near the Kouh-e Mobarak region — which sits in the central district of Jask County — after the aircraft violated Iranian airspace.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hatami said the United States had adopted a policy of maximum pressure on Iran.

“Today, the US policy against Iran is [based on exerting] maximum pressure and that means if the Americans could, they would also deprive Iranians of oxygen, water and air and they would do that for real,” Hatami said.

He emphasized that the US suffered a crushing defeat in Iraq and Syria thanks to the culture of resistance and martyrdom.

“Resistance in our country has made the enemies change their policy from maximum pressure to maximum begging,” the Iranian defense chief pointed out.

In an official note passed to the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which represents the US interests, Iran has warned the United States that any action taken against the country over the false accusation that Tehran was behind the recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities will be met with an immediate response.

PressTV-Iran warns US: Aggression will be met with counteraction

Iran warns US: Aggression will be met with counteractionIran warns the US via Switzerland that it will swiftly respond to any action taken against it over the false claim that Tehran was behind recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

In the note, Iran said the immediate counteraction would not be limited to the source of the act of aggression.

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