Iran will not allow any harm to resistance

Iran will not allow any harm to resistance
Deputy Chief of Staff for Basij Force and Defence Culture Affairs emphasized that under no circumstances would Iran allow the enemies to harm the resistance.

In an interview with the Youth Journalist’s Club, Brigadier General Seyyed Masoud Jazayeri stated that “despite passing two years from the enemies’ interrupted efforts to topple the Syrian government, the government and the nation of Syria are still resisting and have been victorious in this arena.”
Gen. Jazayeri said, “regrettably the conflicts in Syria have taken inhumane dimensions and the country’s enemies have done terrorist acts against the its infrastructures and its innocent people.”
He also pointed to the Zionist Regime’s failure in Lebanon’s 33-day war as well as the regime’s failure in the 22-day and eight -day assaults in Gaza and said that “the Zionist Regime in its bid to get rid of the psychological pressures of these failures has put the anti-Syrian act top on agenda.”

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