‘Iran will repel any attack by intruders’


Iran’s top military commander says any act of aggression against the country’s territorial waters by the US, Saudi Arabia or any other country will receive a decisive response.

“There are lines between us (Iran) and regional Arab countries which determine the economic interests [of countries] in the Persian Gulf,” said Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi on Wednesday.

“If these demarcations, which are not maritime borders, are violated by the US, Saudi Arabia or anyone else, we will inform the Iranian nation and respond to the aggressor,” he added.

The general said aircraft owned by neighboring countries can fly over the Persian Gulf, there is no restriction on their flight over international waters and this is not considered by Iran as an act of provocation.

Firouzabadi’s remarks come in response to General James Mattis, the commander of the US Central Command, who said that the US-engineered sanctions on Iran are not working.

Addressing a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Mattis claimed that Tehran was “enriching uranium beyond any plausible peaceful purpose.” The top US commander also said Washington has a number of ways to bring Iran to its knees.

Threats of military action by the US and its ally Israel against Iran, as well as the illegal unilateral sanctions by Washington and the European Union are based on the allegation that Iran is covertly trying to militarize its nuclear technology, a claim Iran has categorically rejected.

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