Iran will support Syria until victory is achieved: ambassador

Iranian Ambassador to Syria, Javad Turk-‘Abadi, reiterated his country’s ongoing support to the Syrian people on Monday.

Turk-‘Abadi stated that Iran is in full support of Syria’s attempt to preserve their homeland’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, while also resisting foreign intervention in their internal affairs and defeat of terrorism.

In an interview with SANA, Turk-Abadi highlighted the deep-rooted brotherly relations between Syria and Iran in all fields, noting that Iran will take part in the reconstruction process of Syria.

He renewed Iran’s commitment to the principles of rights, justice and equality since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and its unremitting efforts to establish friendly ties and strategic partnerships with neighboring countries.

The Iranian Ambassador highly appreciated Syria’s support to Iran in the 1980s, stressing that Iran will stand by Syria in the face of the conspiracy which aims at dividing the nations and turn the region into a hotbed of tension and conflict.

He indicated to the two countries’ desire to further enhance bilateral cooperation in economy, trade and culture.

The Iranian people celebrate the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution every year on 11th February.

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