Iranian Cleric: Upcoming presidential elections in Iran surprise the whole world

7ad0ebd4ccf4219afcbd7c2393be5b41_LTehran’s interim Friday prayer leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani has predicted that the glorious holding of the upcoming presidential elections in Iran will surprise the whole world.

He emphasized that the Iranian people will once again prove their adherence to the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran through their massive participation and will disappoint the enemies. Referring to the sensitivity of the elections with respect to the increasing sanctions and pressures by the West against the Iranian nation he said that the upcoming election is the time for the Iranian nation to create an epic in giving a decisive response to the enemies of the Islamic Republic.
He further expressed regret over the recent quake in Iran’s southern province of Bushehr and sympathized with the families of the victims and appreciated the authorities for their quick relief response.
Tehran’s interim Friday prayer leader further commemorated April 18th as the Army Day and touched upon the courageous performance of the armed forces and the army in particular during years of sacred defense. He reiterated that the Western pressures and sanctions have not hampered the Iranian nation’s progress and such pressures have even made the nation more determined in the path of progress.
He also mentioned the new plot by the Wahhabis in distributing deviating books amongst pilgrims in Saudi Arabia and recommended the pilgrims to maintain vigilance in the face of such moves by Wahhabis.

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