Iranian Defense industry to unveil latest achievements next week

Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Brigadier-General Ahmad Vahidi said on Monday that national defense industry will unveil latest achievements including warplanes and passenger planes next week.

Vahidi made the remarks in a joint press meeting with his Lebanese counterpart Fayez Ghosn in Tehran.

He said that Iranian defense industry has manufactured Saegeh warplanes and Iran-140 passenger planes and made planning to manufacture other types of jet fighters and 50-100 seat passenger planes

In reference to Israeli threats to peace and security of the Middle East, Vahidi said that Tel Aviv regime will receive crippling response from Iran if it ventured into go along its threats.

Elsewhere in his statement, Vahidi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to equip Lebanese army with modern hardware.

Vahidi told reporters that Lebanese government has welcomed Iran’s offer to provide the Lebanese Army with advanced military hardware.

In mutual talks between the two sides, the two ministers expressed their views on the threats made by Zionist regime as well as maintaining their combat readiness in dealing with such threats, Vahidi said.

‘The Islamic Republic of Iran will deal a deadly blow to Tel Aviv if it ventured to go along with its threats. Since Lebanon and Syria are in the struggle with the Zionist regime, Iran is considering equipping the Lebanese Army, he said.

On recent developments in Syria, he said the two ministers called for non-interference in Syrian domestic affairs such as the country’s referendum on new Constitution and it should be taken into account that Syria is on the forefront of struggle with the Zionist regime and for the same reason it should not be weakened.

Western governments and the Zionist regime in particular along with other governments in the region seek to fan the flame of civil war in Syria to which Iran and Lebanon have objection, Vahidi said.

Vahidi called on the warring parties in Syria to come to terms with President Bashar al-Assad’s reform program and the new Constitution which paves the way for multi-party democracy, the only option to help resolve current crisis in Syria.

Iran and Lebanon regard the current nationwide referendum in Syria for new Constitution as a significant move in bolstering the country, he said.

Vahidi said that during two rounds of talks between the two defense ministers, the two sides called for expansion of military cooperation on defensive fields.

The Lebanese minister, for his part, thanked his Iranian counterpart and called for more cooperation on defensive fields.

Lebanese government welcomes Iran’s proposal for equipping the Lebanese Army and will study the case in details, he said.

Referring to the threats made by the Zionist regime, the Lebanese minister said bolstering national solidarity in Lebanon, its army and resistance would be the best means to deal with such threats.

Condemning the foreign intervention in Syria, he expressed the hope that the country would restore its global standing which is of prime importance for the countries in the region.

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