Iranian Deputy Minister Confirms Technical Problem as Cause of Siren Sound in Western Tehran

Iranian Deputy Road and Urban Development Minister Shahram Adamnejad confirmed authorities’ earlier remarks that siren sounds heard in West of Tehran early on Saturday were due to a heavy rain and technical problems, and further dismissed any security threat.

“Based on my follow-ups, the siren had gone off this morning after the bursting of a transformer in West of Tehran in a zone within the responsibility of the Energy Ministry,” Adamnejad told FNA on Saturday.

He also confirmed earlier remarks by Hamidreza Goudarzi, the deputy governor of Tehran province for security issues, that the siren system at a government building in Azmayesh complex, Marzdaran district in Western Tehran had gone off due to technical problems.

Goudarzi had earlier said that following heavy rainfalls in the region, water leaked into a facility and activated the alarm.

“The system has been turned off and there is no security problem in Tehran and people do not need to worry,” Goudarzi said.

Also, Amir Hossein Yazdan Panah, the director of crisis management for Tehran province, also confirmed the report and said water leakage into a facility activated the alarm and there is nothing to worry about.

In the early hours of Saturday, some citizens from the West of Tehran reported hearing a loud alarm for minutes. The alarm was heard in several districts in a large area west of Tehran.

At the same time, some rumors were circulated by foreign media, attempting to link the siren sound to disruption on a Turkish Airline flight from Istanbul to Tehran which rerouted to Baku.

The public relations office of Imam Khomeini International Airport declared early Saturday morning that the airliner rerouted its flight to Baku due to terrible weather conditions and poor visibility, adding that the plane would fly to Tehran after the weather conditions stabilize.

Later reports said the Turkish Airline flight flew from Baku to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport few hours later.

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