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Iranian Fighter chased US drone: Pentagon

Iranian Fighter chased US drone
The US Department of Defense announced that Iran has identified and chased the US drone over the skies of Persian Gulf.
According to MNA, CNN has claimed in a news report that Iranian fighter jet was chasing a US drone in the Persian Gulf, without mentioning presence of the US fighter jet.

But George Little, the Defense Ministry spokesman has said that two US fighter jet were escorting the UAV as well.

According to Little, the incident happened on Tuesday, last week. He said the Iranian Fighter was an F-4 fighter jet and confirmed CNN reports that the drone was a Predator UAV.

Three US officials have confirmed the details of the incident and also confirmed Predator as the armed US fighter UAV type.

According to the reports, Iran scrambled an F-4 fighter jet after identifying the UAV over the Persian Gulf. The Iranian aircraft approaching the US drone and continued chasing it until the US UAV quickly leave the area, CNN reported.

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