Iranian forces score big drug bust near Afghan border

The Iranian media reported that a large amount of drugs had been seized in Khorasan Province, which is on the Afghan border.

The state-owned Fars News Agency quoted the statements of the commander of the Internal Security Forces in Khorasan Province in Iran, Brigadier Majeed Shujaa, who said his forces seized 483 kg of drugs in the city of Qain, in eastern Iran.

Shujaa indicated that “a unit of the Internal Security Forces, and when performing its duties, suspected a car moving at a high speed, so the driver was ordered to stop, but he ignored that and continued on the road, prompting the Internal Security officers to pursue him and stop him, and when the car was searched, the drugs were seized.”

Shujaa pointed out that “another car accompanying the drug-carrying vehicle was also stopped, the drivers of the two cars were arrested and handed over to the relevant judicial authorities.”

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