Iranian movies, serials influential in Egypt

22499cbee9bde549fb047cf0a409318d_LIran’s Minister of Culture, Ali Jannati, speaking today (Sunday), has stressed that Iranian films, cinematic productions, and television series have had a big impact in Egypt.

According to IRIB World Service, Ali Jannati , addressing a number of Egyptian filmmakers in Tehran on Sunday, referred to the common cultural and historical heritage of Iran and Egypt, and said: “We must pay attention to the joint market for films and cinematic productions, and Iran and Egypt should exchange technical and artistic experiences in cinema, this being an essential part of intellectual and cultural interaction between the two countries.
Jannati went on to say that Iranian cinema has achieved an enviable position in Egypt, with many Egyptians watching Iranian films and television series. He added: “Iranian movies and television productions have been warmly welcomed by Egyptian audiences.”
He further reiterated: “Egyptian cinema has achieved a remarkable status, and Iran, considering this issue, is ready to exchange its experiences and expertise with Egypt.”

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