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Iranian People Hold Rallies against Sacrilege of Holy Quran, Islam Prophet

A large number of Iranian people in the capital city of Tehran held rallies to condemn the recent insulting moves against the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a number of European states and French President Emanuel Macron’s support for them.

The protestors deplored the French government for supporting the blasphemous acts against the sanctities of Muslims, chanted slogans against Macron who supported them under the pretext of advocacy for freedom of expression.

The slogans chanted by the protestors underlined that sacrilege of the holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) indicates the arrogant governments’ weakness and such acts will backfire on them.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Iran’s Judiciary Chief Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi deplored the recent insulting moves against the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and warned of the West and Israel’s plots to undermine Islam’s power and might in the world.

Rayeesi made the remarks, addressing the Judiciary officials in Tehran.

He expressed regret and condemned sacrilege of Islamic sanctities in certain European states concurrent with the UAE’s normalization of ties with Israel, and said, “They are part of a precise scenario compiled in a thinking chamber.”

Rayeesi warned that the West and Israel want to damage Islam’s power and might in the world, saying that such devilish acts will instead increase public hate for their plotters.

He said that sacrilege of the holy Quran is insult to all divine books and blasphemy against Islam’s Prophet (PBUH) is insult to all prophets (PBUH) and mankind.

During an illegal gathering on August 28, supporters of right-wing Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, who leads the anti-Islamic group, Tight Direction (Stram Kurs), burned a copy of Holy Qur’an in the Southern Swedish city of Malmo.

Also, on September 1, the ill-reputed French Magazine Charlie Hebdo also republished blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet of Islam on the eve of the trial of suspects in a deadly attack on the paper’s office five years ago. 

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh strongly condemned the insult to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by the ill-reputed French Magazine Charlie Hebdo, stressing that the move has injured the feelings of all Muslims in the world.

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