Iranian Phantom, Sukhoi 24 Fighter Jets Destroy Ground Targets by Home-Made Optimized Missiles


The Iranian Air Force bombers, including Phantom and Sukhoi 24, smashed the simulated enemy’s fixed and mobile ground targets using home-made optimized missiles on the second day of the massive wargames in the Central parts of the country on Wednesday.

“After conducting air tracing mission and air-to-land shooting by the F5 and Mig 29 fighter jets against targets, the strategic Sukhoi 24 bombers destroyed the ground targets successfully by different home-made optimized and precision striking X-25 missiles,” Spokesman of the 7th round of the large-scale wargames dubbed as ‘Fada’eeyan Harim-e Velayat’ General Massoud Rouzkhosh said on Wednesday.

He added that the F4 bombers also fired updated Maverick missiles and precision striking bombs on ground targets and destroyed them.

General Rouzkhosh underlined that the ultra-light aircraft and combat drones of the Air Force were also used in large numbers on the second day of the wargames to carry out reconnaissance missions and destroy simulated targets.

Meantime, two C130 cargo planes for the first time pounded ground targets on Wednesday. One of the aircraft dropped a 2,000-pound bomb.

Also, the home-made Karrar drones, equipped with smart precision striking bombs, conducted long-range flights in an electronic warfare atmosphere, destroying simulated enemy’s ground targets and defense systems.

The Iranian Air Force’s F7 fighters smashed simulated enemy targets with smart bombs for the first time during the Tuesday wargamges in the Central parts of the country.

On the first day of the main phase of the wargames, the F5, Sa’eqeh and F7 fighter jets destroyed vital targets of simulated enemy.

“The F7 fighter jets, equipped with home-made smart, high precision and electro-optic-guided bombs and rockets, blew up the important and vital targets of simulated enemy,” General Rouzkhosh said on Tuesday.

Also, in another part of the wargames, the Air Force units launched electronic warfare and tested different advanced communication systems.

Meantime, the C-130 cargo planes, supported by F14 fighters, unloaded their cargos in mid altitude and under enemy threat.

The large-scale wargames started in the Central parts of the country on Tuesday morning.

“The heavy strategic Sukhoi 24, F4, F5, F7, Mig 29, F14 and Sa’eqeh bombers, Boeing 707 and 747 refueling aircraft, C130 transportation and logistic planes along with drones equipped with pin-pointing missiles and long-range smart bombs have been transferred to Shahid Babayee base (in Isfahan province) and will fly in the drills,” General Rouzkhosh said on Monday.

Noting that the new systems and weapons produced and updated in the country’s academic and industrial centers will be displayed in the Tuesday drills, he said that air combat, attacking aerial targets at different speeds and altitudes, day and night air-to-ground bombings using heavy and semi-heavy bombs and utilizing different types of laser and monitor-controlled, thermal and radar missiles and different types of home-made rockets and bombs are another part of this stage of the drills.

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