Iranian Police seriously following up Saravan terrorists case

3e78d87ff87c89d12aef4e614a81b77c_LIran’s Police Commander Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam announced that the Iranian intelligence and diplomatic bodies are seriously following up the issue of confronting the Saravan terrorists and bringing them to justice.

According to IRNA, Ahmadi Moqaddam said today that “Serious confrontation with terrorists who martyred a number of dutiful personnel of the law enforcement forces in Saravan (in Sistan-Balouchestan) is continuing and the necessary assessments (in tactical and operational terms) of border guards units of Saravan region have been carried out,”.
However, he underlined that it is for two years that the police is complaining about a border vacuum in the region.
Ahmadi Moqaddam added “In eastern part of the country we have 900 kilometers of common border with Pakistan and 300 kilometers with Afghanistan … and we have problems along 150 kilometers due ruggedness of the terrain”.
Iran’s Police commander called on the government to provide the required budget for meeting the border needs

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