Iranian Researchers Develop Integrated System to Inform, Support, Follow-Up Treatment of Patients

Iranian scientists at Amir Kabir University of Technology working for a knowledge-based company developed a new system to improve contacts between physicians and patients, specially those infected with coronavirus, to follow up the treatment and support process.

“The system runs on two platforms to provide service; an application and a website, through which the patients receive recommendations proper to their disease and can send their questions to the physicians and receive responses,” Bahar Mazandarani, the CEO of the knowledge-based company, said on Saturday.

She added that doctors can also access the latest information about the situation of their patients via the application and website and give better services.

Mazandarani said the system is available at

Earlier this month, Iranian researchers of Amir Kabir University had also produced a new type of disinfectant which does not harm the environment and people’s health and can be used to fight against coronavirus.

“The product has been manufactured on the basis of electrolysis-ionization processes and based on selective separation of ions by laser diaphragm,” said Taqi Ebadi, the faculty member of Amir Kabir University and the CEO of the knowledge-based company which has produced the disinfectant.

He added that the process through which the environmentally-friendly disinfecting solution has been produced is under his company’s monopoly and its formula does not need adding chemical substance and is fully eco-friendly.

“Also, this solution does not harm people while disinfecting the environment,” Ebadi said.

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