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Iranian Shia, Sunni scholars discuss, exchange views


As part of interfaith unity programs several Shia scholars have been deployed to Sunni-inhibited areas to exchange views with peer Sunni clerics across Iran.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Ali Abbaszadeh, head of the preaching bureau at Islamic Development Organization, announced deployment of 80 religious scholars to different areas across Iran 10 of them to Shia-Sunni inhibited regions in a move to discuss the common and different views between the two denominations, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” The objective behind the move is to launch meetings where Shia and Sunni scholars can exchange views as part of efforts by the Islamic Development Organization to deepen the religious beliefs in clerics.”

The cleric noted that deployment of 10 missionaries to southeastern parts of the country is meant to boost solidarity between Shia and Sunni scholars following meetings between the two Islamic denominations.”

Head of the bureau for Islamic missionaries referred to future programs by the organization and said,” it is hoped that deployment of clerics will boost interaction between Shia and Sunni and boost unity morale between the two denominations; hence, we intend to expand the meetings and discussions in Islamic Unity Week.”

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