Iranian troops will remain in Syria under government’s request: Ansari


Iranian troops will remain in Syria as long as the government in Damascus approves of their presence inside the country, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran Hussein Jaberi Ansari said on Saturday during a meeting with Russia’s Special Envoy for Syrian Affairs Alexander Lavrentiev.

The Iranian Army’s presence inside the country came at the request of the Syrian Government, Ansari stated.

Iran will not adhere to any demands from the U.S. or Gulf nations regarding the deployment of the Iranian Army in Syria, Ansari elaborated.

He added that other agreements, if any, in connection with Iran would have no practical or effective result with regards to Iran’s presence.

“We have conducted in a limited and well-calculated manner and upon the request of and agreement with the Syrian government arranged our presence in Syria and the presence has been in line with restoration of stability and tranquility in Syria and speedy end to the crisis,” Ansari concluded.

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