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Iranians call for end to Zionist regime

33f6065f735daa9d3f3ecfd214e5d707_LParticipants in International Quds Day rallies have underscored that the only solution to the Palestinian issue is through the obliteration of the Zionist regime, the return of Palestinians to their homeland and the holding of a free, fair and democratic referendum.

According to Press TV, millions of Iranians from all walks of life turned out nationwide on International Quds Day on Friday in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation, voicing their anger at the policies of the Israeli regime and its allies and calling for the liberation of Palestine.
At the end of the rallies in the capital, Tehran, a statement was issued, in which the Iranians stressed the importance of the maintaining unity among all Muslims and providing the Islamic resistance with full support in order to liberate al-Quds.
They said the liberation of al-Quds, full support for Islamic resistance in occupied Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, and striving to annihilate the “cancerous tumor” of Zionist regime are the main priorities of the Muslim world.
The Iranians strongly condemned Zionist regime’s scenario for the Judaization of al-Quds and called on international organizations and institutions in the region to adopt a “firm and practical” stance to thwart the “dangerous plot.”
Elsewhere, the statement said the ongoing developments in Egypt are part of an “ominous and evil” plot by hegemonic powers, particularly the United States, to ensure the Israeli regime’s security, weaken the Islamic resistance front and threaten the Islamic Awakening.
The marchers also called on the Muslim and revolutionary Egyptian people to remain on the watch for hegemonic powers’ conspiracies and prevent foreign interference in their country’s internal affairs

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