Iran’s Assembly of Experts urges India to stop violence against Muslims

Iran’s Assembly of Experts has denounced the massacre of Muslims and the destruction of mosques and religious places at the hands of pro-government Hindu mobs in India, urging New Delhi to take swift action to end the crimes.

“The unfortunate news and heartbreaking images from the blood-letting of India’s oppressed Muslims — which receives minimal [media] coverage — are very distressing and crushes the heart of every free human,” the Assembly of Experts said in a statement on Tuesday.

It is more painful that such heinous crimes were carried out in the wake of a visit by “criminal” US President Donald Trump amid a media blackout imposed by those claiming to be advocates of human rights, it added.

The body further said those atrocities have been perpetrated by a group of extremists provoked by spy services of colonial governments, calling on the Indian government to adopt proper strategies to put an immediate end to the violence.

Those strategies, it added, should ensure the right of Muslim citizens to have peaceful coexistence and work alongside followers of other religions.

Last month, on the eve of Trump’s visit to India, nearly 50 people were killed and over 100 wounded as groups chanting Hindu nationalist slogans torched mosques and dozens of Muslim houses.

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