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Iran’s deputy FM: Washington has double standards toward terrorism


A senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official has lambasted Washington’s double standards towards terrorism.

Iranian Foreign Minister’s Deputy in Arab-African Affairs, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, said on Thursday that over the years, the United States’ dual policies and manipulative use of terrorism and extremism have further spread the ominous phenomenon.
He said, “Certain countries have offered financial and military backing to terrorists in the region in the hope of creating their desired political changes and blocking democratic trends.”
Amir Abdollahian emphasized, “There are serious ambiguities regarding the goals of the so-called International Coalition to Fight ISIL that was formed on the sidelines of the NATO summit and was further developed with the holding the Jedda and Paris meetings. One of those ambiguities, he said, is whether the coalition really means to root out terrorism.
The Iranian deputy foreign minister reiterated, “The Islamic Republic’s main policy has always been based on supporting security and stability in the Middle East region and the entire world. It is along the same line that Tehran believes the best strategy to fight ISIL and terrorism in the region is to help and reinforce the Iraqi and Syrian governments which are engaged in the real battle against terrorism. “

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