Iran’s Kordestan capable of supplying 300MW of electricity to Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah

Iran’s Kordestan province power generation unit has the capacity to provide Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah with 300MW of electricity, Managing Director of Power Distribution Company of Kordestan Hiva Lahounian said on Saturday.

Hiva Lahounian made the remarks in an exclusive interview with IRNA correspondent on Saturday.

The official said that the figure can also be raised to 900MW in the long term.    

The 300MW target is possible with low cost, he said. However, he added that it requires to undergo the necessary procedures and coordination of officials from the two provinces of Iran and Iraq.  

His Iraqi counterpart in Sulaymaniyah province Salar Hisamuddin also told IRNA in a separate interview that there is the necessary coordination between Iraq’s central government and Sulaymaniyeh for purchase of electricity from Iran.

Noting that because of Sulaymaniyah’s failure to pay its debts to Iran, it is no longer possible for the province to import Iranian electricity, the official said that the local officials expect the Iraqi central government and the president to step in and solve the problem.  

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