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Iran’s non-oil foreign trade hits new record of $100 billion

Iran's Deputy Minister of Economy said that the country's non-oil foreign trade during the past Iranian year has reached $100 billion, indicating an increase of 38% compared to last year.

Alireza Moghaddasi, Deputy Minister of Economy and Director General of Iran’s Customs Administration (IRICA), also stated that 62 million tons of goods were exchanged between Iran and other countries from across the world during the Year 1400 (from March 21, 2021, to March 20, 2022).

122 million tons of Iranian goods worth $48 billion were exported to all parts of the world in 1400, which shows an increase of 41% compared to the last year, Moghaddasi said.

More than 40 million tons of goods worth $52 billion were imported into Iran which mainly included commodities, raw materials and production machinery, he added.

The amount of imported goods in 1400 compared to its past year has increased by 21% in weight and 36% in value, according to Moghaddasi.

The Iranian deputy economy minister announced that the United Arab Emirates, China, Turkey, Germany and the Russian Federation were the five major exporters to Iran in 1400.

China, Iraq, Turkey, UAE and Afghanistan were the five main destinations for Iranian exports, according to him.

Moghaddasi also noted that the amount of foreign goods passing through Iranian borders in 1400, after 7 years, reached 12.5 million tons, showing a growth of 68%.

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