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Iran’s nuclear progress unaffected

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the country’s nuclear activity is progressing well despite enemy plots to derail the civilian program.

“New plans are underway, and their implementation has been phased … while previously launched plans are close to final stages,” IRNA quoted AEOI Acting Deputy Mohammad Ahmadian as saying on Thursday.

Ahmadian downplayed Western threats and efforts to hamper Iran’s nuclear program and said, “All operational systems in various sections continue to work with full force.”

“The enemy’s efforts have not had any influence on the course of our activities and Iranian researchers … have managed very well to turn such threats into opportunities,” he said.

Ahmadian took pride in the country’s accomplishments in the field of radio-medicine, among other scientific gains, as a sign of Iranian scientists’ determination in the face of more than three decades of numerous sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

“The enemy’s contemptible effort to assassinate the country’s nuclear talents illuminates the fact that sanctions and pressure have not affected the Islamic Republic,” he concluded.

The AEOI was referring to the assassination of Dr. Majid Shahriari who was killed in the early hours of November 29, when his car came under a bombing attack by terrorists in the capital, Tehran.

Another university professor, Dr. Fereydoun Abbasi, and his wife survived a separate attack on the same day.

In January 2010, Professor Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, a lecturer at Tehran University, was killed in Tehran when explosives wired to a motorbike exploded, ripping through his car.

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