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Iran’s parliament speaker: Normalization of some Arab states’ ties with Israel not to last long

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said that certain Arab countries’ normalization of relations with the Zionist regime will not last long and that its disgrace will stay with them in the history.

The Iranian parliament speaker made the remarks addressing the 34th International Islamic Unity Conference on Thursday via video conference. 

“The issue of Palestine is still the first priority of Islam; however, the rulers of a few Muslim countries have turned their backs toward Islam and have started to normalize relations with the ‘fake and terrorist’ Zionist regime,” Qalibaf said.

Saying that the Islamic Unity Week is a symbol of solidarity and fraternity, he said that commitment to the Sunnah and the Holy Quran has always been the biggest reason of Islamic unity throughout history.

Any form of impertinence to Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] and the Holy Quran is actually insult to all the prophets, and anyone who does that lacks the minimum understanding of religion, ethics, spirituality, and humanity, he said.

Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf said the commonalities of the Islamic Umma are so many that there can be no excuses for dispute and disunity.

As Takfiris lied and created clash in the region, there are some certain people in both Shias and Sunnis that are focusing on disagreements to create a rift among Muslims, both of which should be condemned, he said, adding that if hands of disputes are off from the Islamic World, the more than 1.5 billion Muslims will have no problem with each other and will support one another as well.

Qalibaf said that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei considers unity as an eternal strategy and not a short-term tactic.

He also urged the Muslim nations to support each other in the time of coronavirus epidemic.

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