Iran’s Rouhani Stresses Necessity for Resolving Disputes among Muslim Nations


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who left Tehran for Istanbul to attend the 13th summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), urged Muslim nations’ efforts to resolve their differences.

Speaking to reporters in Tehran prior to his visit to Turkey, Rouhani said that one of the goals of the OIC is to create unity among Muslim nations, and expressed the hope that the organization would be able to resolve differences.

Pointing to the threats posed by terrorism against the Islamic states, Rouhani noted, “We hope there would be helpful discussions in this summit about the settlement of disputes in the Muslim world, fostering unity and solidarity among Muslim countries, and especially the issue of fighting terrorism.”

As regards Iran’s campaign against terrorism, Rouhani said Tehran has always seriously pursued the fight against terrorism.

He reminded the assistance provided by Tehran for other countries in the fight against terrorist groups, and stated, “Iran has always seriously followed the fight against terrorism in the Muslim world and practically any nation and government that has sought Iran’s help, Tehran has offered its help and assistance.”

The OIC summit will be held under the theme, “Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace.” A resolution on the Palestinian issue and support for international efforts to re-launch a “collective political process” will be issued at the end of the summit.

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