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Iran’s top intelligence bodies issue joint explanatory statement on riots

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) issued an explanatory joint statement on Friday, describing various aspects of the recent riots in the country.

The two top intelligence bodies pointed to the major role of foreign intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, in orchestrating the riots in Iran in the past weeks.

“Continuous and precise” intelligence monitoring in the past year as well as acquired documents during the recent unrest reveals “numerous examples and undeniable references of the all-out role of the American terrorist regime in designing, implementing, and maintaining” the unrest, they said.

Here comes the full version of the statement translated into English:

In the name of God

An explanatory joint statement by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)

On US regime’s interventions in Iran’s recent riots

With condolences over the martyrdom of a group of compatriots in the shrine of Ahmad bin Musa (AS) and the martyrs for the country’s security, and supplicating prayers before God for the elevation of those martyrs, patience, and reward for their grieving survivors, and the full and speedy recovery of the injured and those affected by the terrorist incident in the holy shrine, and along with a pledge of heartfelt allegiance to those martyrs and to God Almighty to pursue comprehensive, accurate and rigorous information until the discovery and punishment of the entire perpetrators of this barbaric crime and their supporters at any time and in any place, we hereby bring to the attention of the noble Iranian nation that information and explanations were provided with regard to some aspects of the recent riots in an explanatory statement on September 30. Now, by obtaining new reliable information, as well as by removing the protection and security restrictions from parts of the existing data, we will provide further details for the information of the magnanimous people of Islamic Iran, and in this regard, it is deemed necessary to explain three points in advance:

First, in the current statement, the reliability of data and their documentation have been especially emphasized. Therefore, every effort has been made to present the information obtained from various intelligence methods in here.

Second, based on the available information, it has been established that preparations, ground setting, and also an important part of the executive operations of the recent riots were designed by foreign spy services in the form of a package and implemented in different ways inside the country through some groups and networks related to them. On the other hand, there is another important fact that in their recent operations, these services have tried to exploit some of the existing grievances in society, and even as much as possible, base their information projects on the misuse of such issues.

Third, accurate and continuous intelligence observations over the past year, as well as available documentation from the recent riots and information obtained from the enemy’s scenarios for the post-crisis phase, bear many examples and undeniable references to the comprehensive role of the terrorist American regime in the design, implementation, and continuation of the aforementioned imbroglio. Therefore, the basic focus of the present statement is on the role of the American mafia regime, its allies, and their infantry in the latest riots across the country in three stages, including before, during, and after the unrest.

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