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Iran’s Velayati: UAE, Bahrain Revealed Their Real Face

Top Adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati slammed as disgraceful the Bahraini agreement to normalize ties with the Israeli regime.

“The disgraceful act of Al Khalifa and its insistence on implementing the Deal of the Century and betraying the Palestinian cause displays the recklessness of the rulers of Bahrain and also the UAE that they built a house on the water by pinning hope on empty promises the Great Satan, US, who has shed the blood of thousands of innocent Muslims, both Arabs, and non-Arabs,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

The rulers of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates displayed their true image, hurt the feelings of millions of free people, and made enemies of the oppressed people of Palestine bolder, Velayati added, as quoted by Iranian media.

American strategists, who have conceded numerous defeats in recent years in West Asia, have no other aim by these ‘normalization show’ than to satisfy the Zionist lobby and rescue the Israeli PM and the US President, he added.

“Obviously, this shameful act has created new opportunities such as exposing the hypocrisy of some reactionary rulers in the region, revealing the true intentions of the puppets, awakening Muslim nations, unity of Islamic groups and movements, further weakening the compromise process and strengthening the determination of the Resistance by the day,” the Leader’s adviser said.

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