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Iraq Braced for Protests as PM Unveils More Reforms

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi unveiled on Thursday more reforms, warning that the resignation of the government without constitutional alternative will lead to chaos.

Protesters gathered in public squares in Baghdad and southern provinces as Abdul Mahdi made his televised address, ahead of protests on Friday.

The Iraqi PM said the new measure were aimed at reducing the salaries of top officials, reforming the ministries, providing incomes to poor families, and offering fresh opportunities for young people.

“We will start to make real reforms within the ministries in the next parliament session,” Abdul Mahdi said, adding: “he reforms within the ministries will be free of quotas and there will be more space for the youth [for government jobs].”

Meanwhile, he stressed that a government collapse would drag Iraq into further turmoil.

“The resignation of the government today without a constitutional alternative, will lead the country into chaos,” he said.

Violent unrest erupted in Baghad on Oct. 1, spreading to southern cities. Demonstrators blame corrupt officials and political elites for failing to improve their lives.

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