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Iraqi Army Controls Borders Area between Syria and Iraq


The Iraqi armed forces controlled the borders area between Iraq and Syria and arrested the gangs of al-Qaeda terrorists and those who allied with them and seized their Turkish-made weapons.

Iraqi security sources said that the Iraqi forces continued their qualitative operations in the Western desert adjacent to the Syrian-Jordanian borders, directing strong blows to al-Qaeda terrorists and their allies.

The sources added that the Iraqi army restored security and safety to Baghdad-Syria- Jordan highway after eliminating 32 terrorists linked to al-Qaeda and arresting 51 others among them 7 emirs of the Tanzim .

They pointed out that the armed forces also destroyed 2 camps in the desert and controlled the biggest camp in al-Anbar desert that is called / Saif al-Baher/ Camp and seized 2 warehouses for weapons among them sophisticated Turkish-made weapons which included a big number of Anti-Aircraft guns, armors, grenades, mortars, ammunitions boxes, rifles and pistols.

Iraqi MP Hussein al-Mer’abi called on Iraq to adopt a form stance regarding the relation with Turkey, describing the Turkish stance in Iraq as a part of conspiracy and a devilish scheme that aims to sow sedition in all the Arab countries.

For his part, Iraqi MP Muhsen al-Sa’adon said that the Iraqi army which encompasses all spectrums of the Iraqi people defends Iraq’s sovereignty within the law .

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