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Iraqi media say US occupation convoy tergeted in Babil province on Fri.

Local Iraqi media reported on Friday a US convoy was targeted in the south of the country in Babil province.

The Telegram channel “Saberin News” reported that a US logistics convoy was targeted in the province of Babil in the south of the country on Friday.

According to Iraqi sources, this is the third time in the last 24 hours that US troops are attacked.

Saberin News has said that the footage of the attack was recorded on camera and will publish it as soon as it receives them from the “Qassem al-Jabarin” group.

The new attack on the US troops comes a day after the Iraqi sources reported yesterday that several US convoys had been attacked in al-Diwaniyah, Babil and al-Nasiriyah provinces in the country.

Dozens of attacks on US troops have been reported since spring. A piece of legislation approved in the Iraqi parliament in early 2020 after the US assassination of Resistance forces commander near Baghdad airport has called for an end to the presence of the foreign troops in the country, something that has yet to be fulfilled.

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