Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Besiege the Village of Al-Bashir


VIDEO: Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Besieges the Village of Al-Bashir

Military sources indicate that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Al-Hashad Al-Shabi) have liberated surrounding villages of Al-Bashir.

The aim of the operation is to liberate the village from Daesh (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL and IS) elements. By liberating the surrounding villages to Al-Bashir, the ‘PMU’(Popular Mobilization Units) achieved to cut all the supply lines to Al-Bashir village and the PMU is waiting for the right time for the ‘final’ battle to liberate the village from Daesh, almasdarnews reports.

The siege of Al-Bashir, comes with a series of victories that the Iraqi security forces have achieved. The latest achievement was the liberation of ‘Hit’(Heet), an Iraqi city in the Al-Anbar province in Iraq.

The city had fallen to Daesh in 2014, but the Iraqi security forces with help of the Iraqi airforce have recaptured the city from Daesh and their affiliates.

Bashir is a Turkmen village in Iraq south of Kirkuk. The village has been under control of ISIS since June 2014.


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