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Iraq’s bombing attacks kill 40 in one day


Bombing attacks have claimed the lives of about 40 people in and around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, over the space of just one day.

According to Press TV, Saturday’s deadliest incident saw a car bomb ripping through a commercial street lined with restaurants in the neighborhood of al-Amin in the southeast of the capital. The attack killed at least nine people and wounded 18 others.
Two car bombs also killed eight people and wounded 16 more on a commercial street in the Amil neighborhood, also in Baghdad’s southwest.
Another car bomb went off on a commercial street in Baghdad’s busy central al-Karadah district, killing seven people and wounding at least 21 others.
In the Sadr City section of Baghdad, eight were killed and 25 more wounded in some other car bombings.
In Yousifiya, a town just south of the capital, two people were killed and four wounded in a bombing near a fruit and vegetable market.
Another car bomb attack hit Zafaraniya in southeastern Baghdad, killing six and wounding 13.
New figures released by the United Nations show that violence in Iraq claimed at least 1,273 lives in October alone.

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