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Iraq’s Diyala of Iraq targeted by 4 mortar attacks

According to an Iraqi security source, 4 mortar attacks hit the town of al-Maqdadiyah in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala.

An Iraqi security source reported a mortar attack on the town of al-Maqdadiyah in Diyala province.

According to the report, four mortars hit the villages of Al-Harb and Al ‘Anbakiyah in Diyala on Thursday evening.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the security forces rushed to the area to locate the source of the fire and apprehend the perpetrators.

“No material damage or casualties from the attack were reported,” the source said

This is while, ISIL terrorists carried out a deadly attack on Tuesday evening, on the nearby village of al-Rashad, killing up to 12 people and wounding eight others.

On Wednesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, also commander-in-chief of the Iraqi forces, ordered the Iraqi forces to crackdown on ISIL remnants and to intensify the intelligence effort to prevent the recurrence of such security breaches, the official Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported.

A security delegation of the Joint Operations Command visited the sites of the attack near the town of al-Maqdadiyah and discussed the situation with the army and police commanders responsible for the security in the area, INA quoted Yahya Rasoul, spokesperson of the commander-in-chief of the Iraqi forces, as saying.

The security situation in Iraq has been improving since the Iraqi forces defeated ISIL terrorist group in 2017. However, ISIL sleeper cells have since been hiding in cities, deserts, and rural areas, carrying out frequent hit and run attacks against security forces and civilians. 

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