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Iraq’s Top Ceric Muqtada Al-Sadr calls for the closure of all satanic US military bases in Iraq

Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement in Iraq, called for the closure of all U.S. military bases in the country.

According to Al-Sumaria TV on Friday, Sayyed Sadr made the announcement, via a lengthy statement about the scheduling of the departure of American forces from Iraq, after he called for a temporary halt to the “resistance” and “punishing” of those who violated the political truce.

The leader confirmed that he would work to exhaust all peaceful methods, and that his goal was to force the exit of American forces from Iraq, while he pointed to a set of demands and obligations that define the relationship between Iraq and foreign countries.

Sayyed Sadr published a statement calling on the Iraqi government to conclude non-aggression treaties with all neighboring countries, stressing that the United States will be treated as an “occupied and hostile country” if it refuses to leave Iraq, and called on the Iraqi neighboring countries to stop interfering in the Iraqi position with the United States.

He called for closing of all American military bases in Iraq, closing the headquarters of the American security companies working in them and ending their work.

In the same vein, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, witnessed on Friday, a massive demonstration in response to Sayyed Sadr’s call for a million man march.

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