IRGC an obstacle on US Persian Gulf adventure: Navy commander

Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy asserted that an even a single bullet shooting brings havoc on world and the US officials is well aware of that.
Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy Ali Fadavi, addressing the audience in the Seminar on Geography, Development, Defense, and Security on Monday in Tehran, said that today US is the only threat to Islamic Republic of Iran. US have invested all its power on warships and are present everywhere in the world for its hegemony. After the Second World War, their advantage won to them this hegemony, bringing many countries under their behest.

Energy sources lies in the hands of anti-US countries

Rear Admiral added that US officials are well-aware that they no longer can dominate the Persian Gulf, and said that Persian Gulf hosts 800 billion barrels out of 1300 billion barrels of global oil reserves. 70 per cent of global gas reserves belong to Russia, Iran and Qatar, with much of that amount being in Russia and Persian Gulf.

Fadavi also said that US cannot wield dominance on Russia. This is true also for Iran. Only Qatar is a candidate for US dominance. Its whole population has barely the population of one of Tehran’s neighborhoods. He added that the Persian Gulf is so important to US that nothing can replace the damages of a retreat from Persian Gulf for them, and their retreat from Persian Gulf will be tantamount to being constrained to US mainland, but losing Europe does not have the same weight.

Single Bullet Shot in Persian Gulf Disturbs Global Economy

Rear Admiral also stated that history attests to the fact that US has not been extend its presence in Persian Gulf for securing its national interest, and the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 and establishment of IRGC have contributed to that. Without IRCG, US would extend their dominance over the globe for 100 years.

The Commander asserted that US has been in defensive position in recent years and they have not develop an offensive position, and added that they have been compliant to all decisions made by Iran in Persian Gulf. In the past, American warships roamed the Persian Gulf, but Iranian hegemony has pushed to the territorial waters of the Persian Gulf countries.

The Navy Commander stated that 20 million barrels of oil passes the Strait of Hurmoz, and that a single bullet shot to energy transfer lines by the US will be equal to a global economic disaster. Even a single bullet shooting brings havoc on world and the US officials are well aware of that.

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