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IRGC Closely Confronting US Forces at Sea, Commander Says

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy said his forces are firmly standing against the American forces in the regional waters.

In comments on Friday, Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri warned the enemies that the IRGC will take action if they intend to upset regional security.

The IRGC Navy is closely confronting the American forces in the regional waters, the commander added.

He further emphasized that Iran would by no means allow any harm to the country’s shipping industry, stressing the need for sustainable security in the Persian Gulf and the remote waters.

Iran extends the hand of friendship to the Persian Gulf littoral states, Tangsiri noted.

Highlighting the unity and close cooperation between the IRGC naval forces and the Iranian Navy, the general said Iran’s presence in the international waters has ensured the security of trade vessels and oil tankers.

His comments came after the US flew two B-52H bombers from Louisiana to the Middle East.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement on Thursday that the two Air Force “Stratofortresses” flew nonstop from Barksdale Air Force Base, across Europe and then the Persian Gulf on a short-notice mission.

Iranian military officials have warned the US against threatening Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf, stressing that Iran is serious in defending its security, territorial integrity and maritime borders.

Grossi had warned that Iran should not increase nuclear enrichment or throw out IAEA inspectors.

“If implemented,” he told Sky News, “these measures would be an even further deviation from the commitments that Iran entered into when it joined the agreement.”

Gharibabadi wrote on his official Twitter account that the UN nuclear agency’s sole role is to monitor and verify the voluntary nuclear-related measures as detailed in the JCPOA and to provide regular updates in this regard.

Source: Iranian Agencies

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