IRGC Commander Says Attacking Iran Ends in US Destruction


Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said Washington never dares to attack Iran since White House officials have come to realize that such a move would endanger life of the US.

“The Americans rest assured that if they take any action against the Islamic Revolution, they would not only fail to inflict any harm on this revolution, but also endanger and lose their life and existence,” Rear Admiral Fadavi told a gathering of IRGC and Basij members in Southern Fars province on Wednesday.

He further pointed to Iran’s naval capabilities and power, reminding that the country is giving a security coverage to all its coasts and coastal waters in the Persian Gulf, thanks to its speed vessels and advanced coast-to-sea missile systems.

The General further mentioned that Iran’s enemies are well informed of the country’s high military capabilities and power, which serve as a “deterrent”, “and that’s why they do not take any action that could be harmful to them”.

“Our vessels confront the US vessels everyday, and they stand strong against their excessive demands,” he said, and added, “The Americans have realized today that if they embark on war they will sustain defeat, given the Islamic Revolution’s capabilities.”

In relevant remarks in March, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Iran is unmoved by enemies’ war rhetoric due to its astonishing deterrent power, and specially because it has foreseen proper response for all possible scenarios.
He referred to Iran’s deterrence power and defensive capabilities to confront enemies’ threats, and said, “We have grown so much powerful that we don’t feel concerned about the enemy’s unwise attitude. We can go past any enemy scenario, and this has been proved in our contemporary history.”

Stressing that Iran will defuse any enemy plots and scenarios, whether military threats or sanctions, Jafari said, “The US should find a way to survive and continue its endangered life, but we are surprised at the enemy’s insistence on costly and useless scenarios.”

He underscored that Iran’s strategies are strong and decisive.

“The country has blocked enemies’ path to the materialization of its cruel plots,” he said, adding that Iran now has a wide array of options and is capable of using these different options more than ever.

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