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IRGC commander warns enemies about targeting 3 strategic islands in the Gulf

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Major General Hossein Salami, said on Saturday, during his visit to Abu Musa Island in the Gulf waters, that Tehran will “reciprocate and firmly respond to any act of aggression against Iran.”

“We visit Abu Musa Island to assess our preparations in the waters, to confront the enemies who make threats,” General Salami said while conducting his inspection of the Iranian military forces on the island, adding that Iran has “repeatedly proven that it will not condone any threat or exposure by the enemies.”

He continued, “The Greater Tunb Islands, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa are an integral part of national independence, and a front line to defend Iran against any aggression,” noting that “Iranians are risking their lives for every inch of their islands in the Gulf waters, or from Tehran.” .

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards continued that “the defensive and combat preparations in the Iranian islands are complete, firm, and reassuring,” stressing that “the capabilities and achievements of the Iranian naval forces are at their best, and what we see today is part of the capabilities of the Revolutionary Guard at sea.”

The Iranian Major General indicated that their naval forces in the Gulf are “able to confront enemy submarines,” stressing that they “possess large quantities of highly efficient, intelligent naval mines.”

Salami added, “Our naval forces in the Gulf are able to target enemy forces in the depths of the seas, using smart bombs launched from aircraft with or without pilots.” , In addition to its possession of many missile launchers. “

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