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IRGC declares full readiness to protect disputed islands in Persian Gulf

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s naval forces, Admiral Ali Reza Tunsgiri, announced during his inspection of the islands of Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb, which are disputed with the United Arab Emirates, that his country is ready to protect its territorial borders and security.

On Friday, Tunsgiri, along with a number of leaders and cadres of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, visited the two islands in the Gulf, where he carried out an inspection.

Tunsgiri stressed during the inspection was to maintain combat readiness, vigilance and full intelligence monitoring within the scope of their sensitive missions.

He said that the aim of this tour, which falls within the context of the previously planned visits, is to closely examine the situation of the region, the combat readiness and the extent of dedication to the fighters in the naval force.

He stated: “Our field surveys show that the forces, systems and equipment in all circumstances are at the required level of readiness to defend water borders and the interests and security of our beloved country.”

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