IRGC holds naval drills to protect oil facilities

IRGC holds naval drills to protect oil facilities IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) Marine Forces has launched a military exercise ‘Fajr 91’ in Asaluyeh and South Pars oil regions yesterday evening.
During the exercise, different coastal units, sea-to-coast units, rangers, floating units, forks, etc., displayed their operational tactics and combat capability to implement the decisions and defense and security programs. The exercise will continue for 4 days in proximity of Asaluyeh and South Pars waters by IRGC.

This exercise is a case of frequent exercises held by IRGC Naval Force. Rear Admiral Ali Reza Nasseri, the commander of Fourth Naval Zone of IRGC Navy, described the tactical implementation exercises as ‘improving the different units of IRGC Navy in Fourth Region’.

“We will assess our defense capabilities of human forces and facilities in different aspects,” he added.

He also said that country has vast sea borders, and defending such an extensive area makes active presence in sea and keeping high defense capabilities against potential threats necessary.

The Representative of the Supreme Leader in IRGC Navy Fourth Naval Zone provided comments on enemy’s psychological war tactics and ploys, important to the different stages of the drills. He also cooperated with the operation units, sending spiritual experts as clerical missions to hold cultural programs.

The naval drills are supervised over by IRGC Deputy Commander Brigadier General Hussein Salami, Brigadier General Mehdi Rabbani, IRGC Operations Deputy, and Ali Reza Tangsiri, IRGC Deputy Commander of Naval Forces.

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