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IRIB launches Imam Reza (AS) online TV channel

Iran launched Imam Reza (AS) online TV channel in a ceremony held Tuesday at the IRIB Organization.

Participating in the ceremony, IRIB deputy director Ali Darabi expressed hope that the organization would develop its activities to promote Islamic culture and civilization.

“There is extensive competition in the world of media today and I hope we will be able to transfer our culture and civilization to future generations with the assistance of clerics, experts and university scholars,” he remarked.

Darabi regarded the Imam Reza (AS) online channel as the best means to introduce the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini’s thoughts to the world. The channel is available at

Friday, October 30 marks the birthday anniversary of the eighth Imam of the Muslims, Imam Reza (AS).

He then gave a report on the activities of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) following the Islamic Revolution and said, “There were only two channels before the revolution while today over 110 channels in 32 different languages are active.

“The participation of over 1,000 clerics in the programs broadcasted during the month of Ramadan also demonstrated the special attention that national TV channels pay to religious issues.”

He also mentioned that mosques act as the center of change in the world of Islam and are considered as one aspect of the major media.

The ceremony ended with a poetry recitation by Hamid Sabzevari.

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