IRNA Chief: Today’s newsreader looking for short news items


Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Mohammad Khoddadi in an address to a meeting of the communication sciences professors of Iran and Malaysia in Tehran’s Allameh Tabatabaei University underlined that today’s newsreaders are looking for gist of the news and they are not interested in long pieces of news stories.

“Today, the audience is after a line of news and not a page of news,” Khoddadi said addressing the International Conference themed ‘Media and Communications; Iran’s and Malaysia’s Experiences’.

The ‘Media and Communications; Iran’s and Malaysia’s Experiences’ is hosted by the Communication Sciences Faculty of Allameh Tabatabei University.

“Today everyone is interested in short news and information which should be considered seriously and as much as possible short news to be used in the media,” Khoddadi said.

IRNA’s managing director reiterated that shifting training from the theoretical atmosphere to workshop approach is needed to boost the skills, because information is not enough on its own and skills should also be learnt.

“Training is like oxygen for survival of the media and some measures by IRNA are in line with education and updating the knowledge of the colleagues of this field,” Khoddadi said.

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