ISIL Plant Bombs Inside Iraqi Christian Villagers’ Homes to Explode When They Return


A Christian who was one of the last to flee his village in the Nineveh Province of northern Iraq before ISIL terrorists captured it in August claims that ISIS militants are setting up explosives inside of homes so that if residents are ever to return to the village, their houses will explode upon entering.
The testimony of a Christian native named Ayad from Tel Keppe, a village just outside of the city of Mosul, was featured in a recent video interview conducted by the World Council of Churches. Ayad’s testimony highlighted the timeline and details the of events that took place as the ISIL militants captured his town on Aug. 6.
Ayad, who claims to be the last capable person to flee the village, said he eventually fled the town with no shoes on his feet, but emphasized that Christians are eager to return to their homes, as day by day, the Kurdish forces tell refugees what villages they have liberated and are safe to return to.
“Some of the houses in the village are burnt. Some are bombed and destroyed. Some are robbed. We heard of one man who tried to enter his house and as soon as he opened the door, the house exploded,” Ayad said. “As ISIS forces leave, they are planting explosions inside the houses so that if people return they will be victims of blasts.”
He also said ISIL has planted explosives along the road from Tel Esqof to Tel Keppe, making the 10-kilometer journey back to his village almost impossible.
Among the few villagers that remained after ISIL took control of the village was a 70-year-old man, who he claims ISIL militants beat and tortured him because he refused to obey what they said.

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