Middle East

ISIL terrorists resorting to new tactics following humiliating losses


Recently-released figures and maps show ISIL terrorists have lost nearly 30 percent of the territory that were under their control. The lost land lies in northern parts of Iraq.
ISIL lost those areas in military operations conducted by the Iraqi forces and volunteers. Analysts believe this is one of the reasons why ISIL terrorists have now resorted to new tactics.

Many believe the group has also lost the political cover it used to terrorize Iraqi civilians.

The group has now resorted to recruiting foreign fighters and bringing fighters from Syria to Iraq, as well as training kids and transferring its leaders from Iraq into Syria’s Raqah province.

It seems that the group was not ready for such a humiliating defeat so it is now carrying out massacres against citizens in areas under its control. Analysts say the terrorists’ actions are in revenge for the Iraqi forces’ recent victories.

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