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ISIL transferred to Afghanistan from Syria & Libya: Russia

The Russian military warned on Wednesday that ISIS terrorists have been transferred to Afghanistan from Syria, Libya, and other countries.

The Russian military has warned of the presence of ISIL terrorists in Afghanistan as clashes between Afghan government forces and the Taliban escalate in recent weeks as the United States prepares to end 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan.

On July 23, the Russian military issued a warning about the transfer of terrorists to Afghanistan, five days after a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman made remarks about US cooperation with ISIL.

According to Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Russia is aware of unmarked helicopters conducting flights in areas, where ISIL terrorists were active.

She said, “It would have been impossible to carry out such activities unbeknownst to the US and NATO forces that had complete control of Afghanistan’s airspace.” TASS news agency reported.

Moscow has repeatedly cited information that makes it possible to draw conclusions about the United States’ interaction with ISIL in Afghanistan.

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