ISIL’s Military Column Hit Hard in Syrian Airstrike in Eastern Homs


The Syrian Air Force bombed heavily a long convoy of ISIL’s military vehicles in Eastern Homs on Monday, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The army aircraft pounded a military convoy of ISIL along a road near the village of Mas’adeh in Eastern Homs, destroying a number of vehicles and killing or wounding the terrorists on board.

The remaining vehicles, some of which were carrying arms and ammunition, sustained major damage in the raid.

The warplanes further targeted ISIL’s positions and gathering centers near Mas’adeh, destroying all the positions and killing a number of terrorists.

Relevant reports said on Sunday that the army men stormed the positions of the terrorists and won control over the villages of al-Safavaniyeh, al-Mokaramiyeh, Rasm Suwayed and Rajm al-Shareh Northeast of al-Shandakhiyeh region near the town of Jubb al-Jarah.

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